Collection: Lessons

We offer private lessons and group lessons for up to five people at a time. For private lessons each rider has their own e-foil for the entire lesson. Private lessons last 90 minutes. For group lessons, riders take turns using two e-foils. The instructor has their own e-foil. Group lessons are two hours long or one battery cycle which is usually around two hours. According to NY State boating laws, you must be at least 14 years old to e-Foil as it is considered a personal watercraft. 

Here's how the pricing breakdown works: 

  • Private Lesson for One Rider - $250
  • Private Lesson for Two Riders - $400 ($200 per rider)
  • Group Lesson for Three Riders - $500 ($167 per rider)
  • Group Lesson for Four Riders - $600 ($150 per rider)
  • Group Lesson for Five Riders - $700 ($140 per rider)

Book your lesson and then call or text us at 541-373-7763 to schedule it lesson whenever it is convenient for you during the summer season. We are happy to answer any questions over the phone before you book.